brandus has spoken.

 shoes: kmart; jeans: gap; belt: american eagle; flannel: thrifted
i wore this outfit all weekend.
i used the excuse that since we had my birthday party, i got to do what i wanted...for like 3 days in a row. and i only tied it at my waist for a picture so it didn't look so sloppy. you're allowed to judge me, but only if you've never done the same thing before. see? HA!
this is outside my door after a sunday evening stroll:
yep. same outfit.

unrelated tangent: i go by brandilyn, not brandi. i love my name (is that conceited? it's more of a compliment to my parents, i think. they did a good job!).

on the first day of school my teachers always ask if i go by brandi, and it always comes out more rude than it sounded in my head when i say, "NO. please do not call me that."
my family sometimes calls me brandi, though, and david does when he's being a goof. i like that. but no one else gets brandi privileges. no one!

lately, though, i've been called B a little bit. it's usually by girlfriends, and it always cracks me up when i see it. i thought of this because yesterday L left me a facebook comment and called me B and i giggled.

so i've been thinking about nicknames.
other nicknames i like: my dad and david both call me bran sometimes. my mom always calls me princess or bpdc, which stands for beautiful princess daughter child. don't laugh, you know you want to be called bpdc now. david recently started calling me brandus, and i laugh hysterically at that one. i really love my nicknames.

so now that you have the full break down of my nicknames...tell me yours!


  1. I've always called you Bran!

  2. i prefer people to use my whole name, too--alejandra. not ali. not alex. not "big al"--yeah, definitely not that.
    love your outfit. looks super lazy and comfy (what better way to be for your birthday?).

  3. I love your name. It is so unique and beautiful.

    Someone asked me, is your name pronounced MEgan or May-gan. Seriously, my response? I have no idea! hahaha I had to really think about it. Since my name is spelled different that most, Meagan, I think that;s why a lot of people thing it is pronounced differently than the original spelling, Megan. I just say Me(a)gan with that silent A. People are weirdos.

    But as for nicknames. I'm really into being called Meg. It makes me laugh because Meg is such a cute name and I wish more people called me Meg. Ryan calls me Megs but in high school my friends called me Steele (maiden name). It worked.

    That bdpc is pretty funny though!!

  4. well, of course...mine is L. JJ calls me Larry Barry Boober Butts.

  5. In high school I knew you as Brandi more than Brandilyn, so for me, its an adjustment. BUT I love your name and I'm jealous my parents didnt come up with something creative and cute like that.

    ...I might try to steal your name for my love child one day (creepy? yes..)

  6. Ya know, i have the same problem! People are always like do you go by Er or Ca or the ever-popular Air. No! Call me Erica! Although Spencer and my baby sister can get away with Er'ca, but only because I'm gangsta like that.

    North Meets South
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  7. Jacob sometimes calls me "Miss Bright Eyes," which I think is the most romantic thing in the universe.

  8. my mine is erica....

    i get er all the time...

    my bf's name is eric

    people call him Haric.

    hahahahahahhahaha, it gets me everytime.

  9. I LOVEEE your name, I will possibly have to name you after my child one day. Possibly...

    People call me B also! Or they spell it Bee. Some people call me Beli....I hate that. In high school I was called Branch, for my obsession with Michelle Branch, whom I still love. And my parents and grandma call me by my Chinese name (does that count?) and my brothers, my mom too, call me "younger sister" but in Chinese. Want to hear a good nickname I came up for my brother whose name is Herbert? Herbutt....yeah I'm 22...and he's 27....so mature! :)

  10. LOVIN this shirt. I'll trade you something for it....um...I've got lots of white hanes t-shirts...or...I also make some bomb homemade bread.

    Nickname- MONster

    Ask the Duplex

  11. I agree with the nickname thing not being for everyone. Like when people you don't like give you one? It's like an assumed familiarity. I like the Brandus name. Sometimes I call Clint Clintopolis. Or Clintasuarus. But it's okay, because we're married.

  12. I never had a nickname that stuck and that everyone liked. I LOVE ANA PAULA but I was always called Paula by everyone. Here in the States I go by Paula as well, but only because if I say my name is Ana Paula everyone calls me Ana and I feel about Ana the way you feel about Brandi. :S So anyway... I just go by Paula in the real world. Not in the blogging world... where I greatly appreciate it when people call me Ana Paula instead of Ana.

    I'm that complicated!


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  13. my name is catherine (spelt the right way, if you ask my parents!). i use my full name too. my parents call me catie and have my whole life, as do my little nieces and nephews because catherine is too big of a mouth full when you're learning to talk :P

    my gran called my cathy but she died when i was 12. no one else is allowed to call me cathy because i freakin hate it!

    my bf calls me catie sometimes too, but he's allowed to :)

  14. I find myself discovering a new way to put an old outfit from my closet together and wearing it for the weekend too. In fact, today I'm going to wear the same thing I wore yesterday...

    My name's allison but my close friends call me Al or Allie or Albus (from Harry Potter). Ha there's been some weird ones like albotros. I'll take it! I think it's kind of funny.


  15. haha! it sure is a cool name. sooo amy possibilities!

  16. I think you forgot one nickname.... 'num-a-num' Ha ha ha! Though I suppose last time it was more like 'bran-in' but you know this first one sounds funniest. Ü I usually go by Stace - though I do know one David Haynes who calls me Stace-inator. LOL!


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