a deviation from the norm

a few things:
a.) my camera done broke today.
just flat out froze up and quit working.
i was fuming mad. i bought that thing 4 months ago and i have treated it with the care a newborn deserves. it hasn't been dropped, splashed, or manhandled. when it's not being used, it's in its case, padded and locked.
well. i contacted amazon and they said that if it's in new condition, they'll do a return.
after FOUR months! i was floored. and impressed. and so excited that money i saved up and worked for isn't going down the drain.
so...expect some cell phone picture posts for the next few days while i get my camera situation sorted :)

b.) i read this article today and it really resonated with me.
i'm not adopted, but adoption has played a big role in my life and i feel some of the pain he mentioned at how insensitive people can be when they find out you have adopted children/parents/siblings.
no matter how it all begins, family is family. it's not bought or sold and its value isn't lessened because the DNA doesn't match up exactly. adopted, step, or half, my family has had my back since day one and i love them just as fiercely as any of you love your biological families. amen. ♥

c.) sarah took some pictures of me the other day. they're my senior pictures...you know, like in high school when you got pictures taken because you're graduating? yep. well. i'm GRADUATING! (insert hip-hip-horray!/insert ::sob::) basically, i think sarah could make a homeless man look like a king. i don't know how she does it. wanna see?
 of course i made a kitty friend.

you can see more right here.
i made my turban out of a scarf i inherited from my biological grandmother. have i mentioned i love her scarves? i do. i've been a fan of the turban headband things over at red velvet for a while, but i'm just not going to spend $30 for a turban. a velvet turban. so i made my own! a silken turban. applause for that! but mostly, applause for sarah!

d.) just because there are no outfit pictures doesn't mean i'm naked, okay?
i'm wearing jeans and a top and a cardigan and cowboy boots...well, basically the same sort of thing i wear every day...


  1. You are gorgeous! I love those photos and that turban is incredible! Wow!

    North Meets South

  2. i love reading your blog-- it's one of my daily reads! You seriously have amazing eyes! These are such cute pictures. i hope you figure things out with your camera, that is frustrating!

  3. ooo, I'd be flipping mad, too if my camera broke after 2 years, let alone 4 months!!

    Pretty pics!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  4. holy shit. you look like a goddess.

  5. What an amazing return policy! I love companies that stand behind their products! Trader Joe's and Costco are a couple I can think of off the top of my head that happily do returns on anything you don't like/damaged/broken/bad for whatever reason! =)

    <3 http://muffinlovesbiscuit.blogspot.com/2011/06/biscuits-first-giveaway.html

  6. When I read your second point I thought of the Single Dad Laughing even before I noticed that you were talking about him. I am a mom of one, the second baby isn't coming any time soon and not because we're not trying. People can be very insensitive asking my husband and I questions about our only child, or making inconsiderate comments about conceiving and having large families as opposed to having a family of three... it's sad. I appreciate your comment and may I add: numbers don't make families. Love does. :)

  7. CAT! That can't be a coincidence.


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