church: heels: aldo; skirt: thrifted; top: wholesale-dress.com; belt: anthro
school: boots: vintage; jeans: panache; top: wholesale-dress.com; earrings: truly sarah
i forgot to take a close-up of my awesome earrings!
the other night david and i passed out at like...6:30. for maybe 3 hours. well, in a sleepy haze, we vaguely heard a knock on our door, but were too groggy to get up and answer it. when we finally woke up, i found a CUPCAKE and EARRINGS from sarah on my doorstep! it was my first birthday gift! best surprise ever. i am constantly blown away by how thoughtful sarah is...and by how gorgeous the jewelry she makes is! i've been admiring those earrings forever...i love them.

another thing i love? this top.
i love it so much i wore it to church on sunday and school on monday.
call me gross, but in my defense...i only wore it for a couple hours yesterday...and i love it soo much! you know you've done the same thing before.

so, crazy story.
up until yesterday, david and i had never heard our doorbell except for the one time i was home alone and my little friend caleb somehow managed to ring it. other than that, it was silent. we tried to ring it, it just didn't work. so i taped a little sign over it saying, "please knock!" and left it at that.
well, we got home from church on sunday and while david was fiddling with our house keys i absent-mindedly started pushing on our doorbell. lo and behold...it rang! not only that, it was the world's creepiest doorbell ring. hear for yourself:

totally cracks us up.
feel free to come ring our doorbell and hang out sometime...unless you're creepy and want to rob us blind. in that case, please keep a respectful distance. also, please excuse my cluttered kitchen table.


  1. Oh gosh, that doorbell! It sounds like me trying to tune my ukulele (although that might just be the video...) I love that top!

  2. Haaaaaa hahahaha! Doorbell love.

  3. hahahahahahhhh ohmygod. that doorbell. i dieeee. watched it three times. still laughin' hahahahahaaa

  4. you look super cute! i totally respect wearing things two days in a row. sometimes it is just a must.

    and that doorbell....

  5. HAHAHAHA! That is hilarious!!!

  6. Ha ha ha! That doorbell!! Oh gosh that is so funny! Thanks for being so great :) P.S. can't wait to post some of the pics (graduation pictures that is, wink wink)! You are so pretty!

  7. Your top is super cute! It is totally worthy of being worn 2 days in a row! That bell is creepy!

  8. Doorbell. Hahaha!! I started laughing out loud and scared the crap out of Marley

  9. your top is to die for! ahh, so in love with it. hahaha your doorbell!!


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