do and do not

 oxfords: ebay; dress turned into skirt: old navy; top/belt: leftover from horse show days; bracelets: h&m

things i do not like:
-the local hipster burger joint.
correction: i enjoy their burgers. what i do not enjoy is the "up and down" look that everyone who walks in receives. you know what i'm talking about. even though i guess i probably sometimes look like a hipster, i do not fit in with the hipster crowd very well.
-bad skin. i just never feel 100% pretty when i have zit face. yuuck.
-feeling blue

things i do like:
-early evening burger dates with david, followed by evening bicycle rides with david.
-sweet text messages from the likes of this lady, which somehow come exactly when i need to feel loved. there is nothing in this world as necessary as a best friend.
no lie, that A made my month. i literally came jogging out to the car after i received my score, grinning my fool head off, and shrieking to david, "i got an A! an A! my pronunciation was good!"
-finding salt-water flats, like the ones mentioned here, on ebay for $17. BOOM.
-sunshine on my arms
-this lovely lady became a mama last night! welcome to the world, georgia rose!


  1. Congrats on your A! That's amazing. AWWWW YEAH :)

  2. i would totally look you up and down if you walked into my burger joint!!!

  3. that place is ALWAYS like that, huh?? so weird.

    p.s. you are adorable. cutest style.

  4. awwww yeah!! good job!

    i have that same old navy dress and love it, accept when its on me. maybe it needs a makeover in to a skirt like yours... hmm...

    and i got salt water sandals a few months ago and am IN LOVE! they totally bring me back to when i was kid and i had some. love love love.

  5. Okay, I laughed because I always just thought I was paranoid going into these hipster places. Turns out, it happens to everyone probably.

  6. A on french exam. Awesometown.

    I happen to enjoy "that" burger joint as well.
    cue the staring upon entering.

  7. I'm glad I could brighten your day!

  8. i LOVE your skirt - you look darling!

  9. Yeah. That burger joint keeps us up all night with all the hipster riff-raff it attracts since its only 3 feet away from our apt. But I can't hate; manager is in my ward and she's a super sweetie.

  10. I just bought salt-water flats too! But I had to pay the full price... And hey what is this burger place I keep hearing about?? I'm going there in the fall for school but i've never been to the campus. I think this burger joint might be my first stop when i get there...

  11. awww ya!

    i totally understand the hipsta joint thing. i hate the whole concept of it. i like the things that are considered "hipster" but i don't want to associate myself with them. ugh. it's downward spiral i tell ya!


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