father's day 2011

happy father's day...
my dad's on the right
to my daddy, who drove the truck and trailer to dozens of horse shows for me every summer, who taught me that freezing candy bars is the only way to eat them and that a diet coke is okay at any time of day, who drove me to seminary before the sun came up every morning in high school and even sometimes stopped at starbucks for hot chocolate, who patiently taught me how to water ski, who spends every spare minute he has in service to others...
david's dad is on the left
to dad haynes, who drove the truck and trailer to dozens of dirt bike races for david every summer, who taught my husband to treat women with love and respect, who is the most cheerful, upbeat person to receive a phone call from, who barbecues the most delicious hamburgers ever, and who is the most devoted home teacher i've ever heard of...
david entering the MTC; 2004
to my handsome husband, who i'm so so excited to watch become a father when the time is right, who is patient and loving with our little sunday school class, who insists that we will someday name our children hilarious names like herb, and who shows me more love in a single day than i ever thought i'd receive in a lifetime...

i love you!

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  1. with that whole love statement, I completely agree! I never thought of how to word it, but SO true! I just love having a great husband! And I love your new format/header. You are beautiful friend!


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