boots: vintage; skirt: f21 ($7!); top: panache
today is the day...
my husband comes home to me! we've spent a week apart and it's sucked. i really do feel like a part of me is missing when he's not around. plus, every time i hear footsteps on the stairs that lead up to our apartment i get excited thinking it's him...but, of course, this week it hasn't been. i've been packing my own lunches and walking my booty to class and holding my own hand. boo.

anyways, tonight i'm going to see midnight in paris!
my bff shpitty is a woody allen nut and i'm excited to check it out with her and team gomm...and then maybe change my hair to look exactly like rachel mcadams in this picture...homegirl looks hot! i love big, frizzy, blonde hair (like reagans).
has anyone seen this movie? how was it?

p.s. does anyone else giggle whenever they hear anthony weiner discussed on the news?
i'm sorry, but with a name like that, it's just funny.


  1. Haha! YES! And he has been on the news non-stop b/c that's national and local for me. Weiner, haha! I can't believe you got that skirt for $7! So jeallin' over here. You look great in it!

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  2. Weiner Pulls Out
    -The New York Post

    i dieeeeeeeee

  3. Ahhh, I loved Midnight in Paris! And I loved everything Rachel Mcadams wore in it (her character on the otherhand...) Great movie!

  4. hi. i always see your comment's on kate's blog, so i thought i'd say hello!

    i LOVED that movie! did you enjoy it? the only downer was rachel's outfits. what's with the belts all big and slouchy and awkward?

    speaking of outfits, yours is adorable. love that skirt!

  5. Anthony Weiner! I am a news writer and he has been an ongoing daily joke. We were all waiting for the day he resigned so we could run a lower third saying "Weiner finally pulls out."

  6. I loved Midnight in Paris- thought it was great! Did you like it?

  7. oh goodness, i want to see this movie so bad! i don't think it is showing anywhere nearby tho :(


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