flats/wedges: target; jeans: panache; top: styles
the only real difference here is the shoes..
..but they made such a big difference! nothing makes me feel more, you know, "WOMAN!" than wedges and heels. i just love it. since david was out of town, i went on a date with my bff shpitty because it's right between our birthdays right now and a night out on the town was in order. we got chinese food (ahem, panda express), saw the new woody allen movie (WHICH I LOVED!), and stopped by target. date night success.

well, my husband returned home late last night.
we would have had a really romantic and sweet reunion...if i hadn't been totally passed out. i meant to wait up for him, but i was just so sleepy! so instead of a tidy apartment and a smiling, put together wife...david returned to me in sweats, drooling and passed out in a cluttered bedroom. woops.

luckily, he still loves me...and even got me a white chocolate & cinnamon scone to munch on for breakfast:
 while i spent my day here:
and it's been a great day :)


  1. want those wedges. youre so pretty and nice i just love you! thank you for everything

  2. This is one of those creepy posts.

    I may have seen you at panda last night.

    You looked rockin.

    And I really like the shoes.

  3. i love your new header!!!!

  4. the shoes make all the difference! great outfit!

    dash dot dotty


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