just a goofer all day long

you guys, i feel like i'm bursting from my skin with everything that is good in the world today!
i'm headed home to california tomorrow to be at my big sister's wedding...which means ALL of my family will be there, including my kitty marley. i also just found out rachel will be in town for like 48 hours, which means i may get to see her real quick and hug her brains out!!

today is my GOOF OFF DAY. if you've ever been around me or my family around a birthday, you know how important this is. it's the day before my birthday...so i get to get all my sillies out, because it's my last day being 21!  and since i'm in class/traveling all day tomorrow, david and i are celebrating my birthday today! i got out of the shower and found this beauty sitting on my bed:
!!! i freaked out. i have drooled over this kate sheridan bag forever. i still can't believe he got it for me. also, it's massive...so when the day comes, diaper bag! david also hooked up a cateye on my bicycle:
so i can track my miles and speed, hooray!
my husband is the biggest blessing in my life. good or bad, he faces everything with a level head and never forgets to remind me that he loves me. i just adore that hunky roommate of mine.

THENN...my baby sister megs brought me a goof-off day CUPCAKE! can't wait to have sleepovers and catch up on the bachelorette with her in california.
AND...omg you didn't think i could be any more spoiled rotten, did you?
well, i totally am. shpitty brought me a shurprise birthday panachage (panache package...get it?) loaded with awesomeness:
a horkley's cup and card good for TWENTY diet cokes, a scrabble players dictionary, blinged out owls, baby mama on dvd, and chocolate donettes. MAN. sheer awesomeocity. she knows me so well.

the reason i'm loving today so much really isn't about the gifts...it's seeing people i love and feeling loved and celebrating another year of life. i'm a very different person today than i was last year (i mean, i'm a fashion blogger now!) and i think that's a good thing.  although life is not without some really emotionally tough moments lately...today is just a blast. i'm so grateful for that.


  1. Happy Birthday girl! And that bag is AMAZING!

  2. Happy happy goofday/birthday! Hope it is the best yet! Love you! So glad you were born so we could be friends :) Be safe traveling!

  3. such a fun idea! have fun on your last day of being 21 and have an even better birthday tomorrow :)

  4. That's exactly what life is about! getting just a little bit better every day! Sounds like you're doing awesome. Happy birthday sweet girl, you deserve it!

  5. hmmm... diaper bag? Baby Mama? Am I noticing a trend here? ;-) Just kidding ya girl! Have a great birthday!

  6. happy goof off day! enjoy your day! love the bag :)

  7. haha, auntie j! good one! nope, no trend..just a hilarious movie and an awesome bag :)

    thanks for all the love, everyone!

  8. omgsh!!! i made it on your blog:)))) i feel famous!!


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