oxfords: wholesale-dress.com; skirt: downeast; tee/cardi: target; bag: lucky
 i bought this shirt at a flea market we stopped at and since it was so lumberjack-y, i asked kate to take my picture in front of the montana sign wearing it...because montana is a lumberjack-y place to be, right? this is my super tough picture, 'cause i'm a tough kind of girl.
my lunch doesn't have anything to do with west yellowstone, it was just really good.
kate always looks classy, pretty, and put-together..i love her guts.
yesterday was the day i went to west yellowstone with kate, which is the best sort of day there could ever be.
there were barbecue sandwiches involved, and stopping in forests and flea markets and used bookstores, and a really cute puppy, and 20-minute conversations about our hair. and, of course, there were pictures taken.
i don't really know what else to say about the outing except that it was awesome and mini road trips are the best.

if you're ever in the area and want to be shown a good time...check out the playmill!
(and pick me up on your way there, will you?)


  1. We totally blogged this at the same time...

    Lesson learned today: Miss Hazel DOES NOT like other dogs. Good thing I'm not a dog...

  2. whoa whoa kinda embarrassing you put that pic up of you in a different shirt... jk!! i love it!!! you look so gorgeous!!!

  3. MEGAN I HATE YOU!!! hahahahaha that literally made me laugh out loud. thanks for not thinking i'm an idiot when i make you preview blog posts and tell me if i look stupid/dumb/hyphy.

  4. I'm coming! Road trip!

  5. This blue house is amazing. And so are you.

    Ask the Duplex

  6. haha is the title to throw us all off? worked for me

  7. haha alexis--we saw high school musical, and all night we kept acting like starstruck 12 year olds! so my title felt fitting for the evening. lol

  8. Not only does this sound like amazingness - a mini road trip full of flea markets and bookstores and so on and so forth - but those cookies, those COOKIES. I'm really craving chocolate altogether, but your chocolate chip cookies got me going. I may have to go get some cookie dough or something!!!
    Thanks for the have-to-get-in-the-car-and-drive-to-cookies feeling :)

  9. where can i get one of those lunch pails? it's perfect!!

  10. Kinda bummed. I really thought you were going to blog about Marley's new look. Sigh

  11. cool colors :)

  12. Yay for mini road trips!

    Yes, Montana is pretty lumberjacky. So is WA, where I live. :P

    Not so glamorous but oh, so pretty to visit!


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  13. Love that awesome blue and pink house!

    Born To Be Styled


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