respecting the dead and a week in slo-mo

 wedges/cardigan: target; skirt: downeast*; belt/top: panache
this wall is definitely the front of a funeral home.
it's right next door to my apartment. it's such an awesome wall and i've wanted to do pictures next to it for a long time, but felt kind of weird...you know, it being a funeral home and all. i promise there was no one around. hopefully you know i'm not rude enough to be all, "so sorry for your loss...ok, babe, over here! now a looking down one!" *click* *click* *click*

ooh myy wooord this week is going by slowly.
yesterday night david said, "the farmers market is tomorrow!" and i got excited...before realizing the farmers market is on fridays. and yesterday was monday.
maybe this weekend just promises so much goodness that we can't wait...things like dinner at olive garden (i hate that i love it), a birthday party for my bff shpitty, a dirt bike race for david (so hot), and yes, the farmers market. arrrgh! week, please move along swiftly!

side note: this skirt was not cheap (by my standards, so over $20) and the lining started tearing apart after its first washing...and i followed the care instructions exactly! i try to be positive about other clothing businesses in my town ('cause i believe in karma, duh), especially when they have cute stuff, but this kind of ticked me off. luckily i'm a rockin' seamstress and will be able to fix it up myself...even though i shouldn't have to.


  1. I love the color combos going on here!

  2. shut up and stop being so cute ;)

  3. I LOVE down east...but I don't feel like the quality matches the prices. It is way cute though ;) and it's modest, which is hard to find. I think they kinda have a monopoly over the modest clothing. Here they kinda do at least.

  4. omgsh i freaking love your hair!!!!! did you another pair of wedges??! i have never seen these!! no wonder david gets mad when you get shoes hahaha love it!!

  5. Fun note nobody would care to read about: the church building where I first went to church as a building had a front like that. Then it was all taken down to build a Temple in its place. Good memories.

    Oh, and pretty outfit! :)


    Ana Paula Pretty in Polka Dots

  6. Yeah I got a skirt (It was, like, $30!!) at DE and it is already falling apart at the seams (Literally). I have worn it maybe 3 times. I will never shop at DE again. Crappy, crappy, place...

    Cute outfit though!

  7. At first glace, in my head I thought - what a wicked wall...scroll down a notch....it's a funeral home. LOL Instantly changed my mind...for the better or worse, I dunno...but changed my mind none the less. LOL
    Great outfit - you always look so purdy.


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