saturday is a special day

 flats: modcloth; jeans: panache; tee: gap; scarf: inherited from my biological grandmother
 today is the most beautiful day in the history of beautiful days!
aand i'm inside working. BUT the door is open and so far, everyone that comes in is happy and cheerful and full of the optimism that warm weather brings.

my husband is currently out enjoying his day off to the fullest. he rode his dirt bike this morning (don't worry, mom haynes, he's being very safe!) and right now he's out on the golf course, getting his forearms all tanned and manly-looking. be still, my beating heart! i'm so happy he's out enjoying himself.
i named david's dirt bike lucy, because i think it's funny when he walks in the door and i say, "have fun with lucy? how's she looking?" and he says, "oh yeah! she looks great!" oh, i'm a crack up. a real kick in the pants.

and me? i've been ringing people up, cleaning tanning beds, chatting with customers, tidying dressing rooms, putting new orders together...basically loving life. i really do love busy days in the store. it's the most fun.

p.s. i learned how to tie my head scarf from this video. these girls are hilarious, as evidenced here, and adorable, as evidenced here. "don't even be silly like that!"
also, watch this video for encouragement if you're feeling a little blue!


  1. Love your positive attitude about working! Wish I could feel the same.. But it gets awful boring in a cubicle.

  2. i like your headband you look so pretty and happy!! miss you pretty girl!

  3. i love the head scarf on you! i see it at kristen or polly all the time & i think you pull it off perfectly!

  4. cute post! love your shoes!! hugs!! Britt :-)


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