snake hating, etc.

 oxfords: ebay; dress: vintage; cardigan: target
apparently idaho falls has an adorable 50's vintage shop...
it's kind of off the beaten path and 100% awesome. i bought this dress there, which is actually an apron and not a dress at all. aprons in the 50's covered the whole front of a hosewife's dress, you see. or at least this one did. well, it wraps around the back and i just wore it as a dress and hoped a little safety pin was enough to hide my hiney. kate saw this dress first and i wrestled it away from her. victory!

today was filled with all things summery.
i got an A on a french presentation (not summery, but totally awesome), took my little buddy caleb to play in the park, went to a barbecue, and made s'mores on our barbecue. 

the crazy thing is this, though:
while on a walk in the park, i see a guy riding towards me on a bicycle. the shadows are crossing him in a funny way, and i initially thought, "those shadows totally make it look like that guy has a snake wrapped around his body."
he gets closer, and i'm thinking, "ok, i'm pretty sure that guy has a rubber snake wrapped around his body."
and finally, as he's passing me, i look at that thing and it's a real snake. not lying. how motherfudging creepy is that?! the snake was wrapped twice around his torso and a couple times around on each arm. it had to be at least 5 feet long. ridiculous.
i hate snakes.
the end.


  1. Snakes are horrible. I absolutely loathe them.

    At least you had a lovely summery day... Picnics are one of my most favorite summer time activities, and seriously, who doesn't love smores?!

    Yet I'm still thinking about that icky snake! Blech!!!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. cute cute dress/apron!:) I found an old nurse's uniform that makes a cute white dress, but it just wraps in the front and if the wind blows things get awkward..

  3. ew ew ew! so gross! snakes are SO GROSS.

  4. OMGosh...in the first photo it looks like you dyed your hair brown! LOL But no, just the light! Snakes suck.
    Good talk.

  5. haha i love when people do strange things in public. I also LOVE those oxfords!


  6. Hate to tell you, but the safety pin didn't work. I totally saw your butt. Sorry.

    North Meets South


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