superficial to the max(i)

sandals: charlotte russe; skirt: kohls; v-neck: gap; cardigan: target
i wore this yesterday because, quite frankly, we're not allowed to wear pajamas on campus.
i very much enjoy a campus free of sweatpants (although, unfortunately, not free of uggs). i'm a firm believer in looking good to feel good. i really am a better student when i feel like i look the part, and i think the same will be true when i'm teaching english or yoga classes, or caring for my children, or training horses (all things that i'll hopefully be doing in the next 5 years). that's part of the reason i started blogging outfits, because it keeps me on my toes and inspires me to dress/feel better every day.
buuuut yesterday, i needed the comfort of sweatpants while still looking the part.
enter maxi skirt.
maxi skirt is my friend.
maxi skirt, while not the fanciest or most scholarly thing i could have worn, looked decent while keeping me comfy. also, it has this massive foldover band that i love. so comfy. basically, best skirt/pajamas ever. skajamas.

...i can't believe i've written that much about a skirt.
let's call it my break from writing about rhetoric and literature and group dynamics, ok?
because i'm up to my ears in papers and it feels nice to write about something kind of superficial.


  1. you look awesome. not pajama-like at ALL! skajamas. haaaaa. i heart your hair.

  2. i might be little slow on the up take, but i am loving the new(ish?) background and header. simply and classy. i wear my maxi dresses to church whenever i don't feel like shaving my legs. maxi= maxi comfort. i think i have actually worn one to bed.

  3. Haha, I call my maxi my church-pajamas! It's perfect for crampies. (I pretend that if I call cramps by a cutesy name, they will ease up on me. It was yet to work, but gosh darn it, i will continue!)

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  4. For "pajamas" you look great!;)

  5. Looooove your skirt!! I need to find me a maxi skirt!


  7. sigh. I love your maxi skirt. You should try maxi dresses. So comfy and so airy. And you can still wear shirts over maxi dresses so it looks like a skirt too! haha


  8. This is probably my favorite outfit you've ever posted. For real. And is this the new hair?! I like!

  9. Your college has a dress code? Hmm now I'm curious to see if mine does too? Although I probably would have known about it if we did lol checking anyway!

  10. Love the skirt! Oh by the way, your hair looks super long in this picture :)

  11. Awesome maxi skirt!


  12. That skirt is amazing and I love your hair! (I realize this was just about a year ago ;) but good look)


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