tardy farty

 flats: modcloth; skirt: handmade; lace tank: styles; undershirt: layers@panache; cardi: target; belt: panache
today was frustrating.
some days just are, right?
i woke up when my alarm went off ready to bounce out of bed, curl my hair, have a healthy breakfast, fully stock my school bag, and head to campus in time to review my notes from last time before class began.
then, my warm, cute husband suggested that i hit the snooze button and snuggle up with him for 5 more minutes. and i thought, "you know? that sounds real nice." except my half-asleep brain hit the "off" button instead of the "snooze" button. i'm sure you know where this story is going...cue 7:52, when i wake up david's, "crap babe, wake up!" so i flew out of bed, grabbed a banana, and sprinted to class 2 minutes after it started. and i hate being late. i abhor it. 

usually if i'm running late for something, i'll just skip it altogether because i think showing up late is so disrespectful. i guess not showing up is disrespectful, too, but i would argue that showing up late is more disrespectful. well, i decided to show up late today because we just read the virginian and were scheduled to watch clips of old westerns and discuss how they were really a reflection of modern day rather than a depiction of the late 1800's...and i really didn't want to miss that. it didn't disappoint, either!

well, my day continued with awful wind, tripping over my shoes, and a doctor's appointment that didn't answer any questions. but when i'm a grumpy butt, i try not to remain a grumpy butt...so i'm now going to excuse myself so i can pay attention to the jimmy john's sandwich and diet coke calling my name.


  1. i love that shirt:) and color. you look so pretty! light blue and purple are good colors on you

  2. Do you sell Layers brand clothing at your store??
    Their company seems to have just disappeared.

  3. Allison - we do! well, we do-ish. when we bought the store, we had a closet FILLED with layers...like filled to the brim. we started selling them 1/2 off but realized they were still moving really slowly. they've been at $5 for over a year now and they're finally almost all gone. we're down to a lot of XS and XL in brown and red, haha. as for the company, i heard that their warehouse caught on fire--but i'm not sure how much truth there is in that. their website still says "coming summer 2010."

  4. I'm with you on the late thing. It makes me get so panicky when I'm late. Funny thing -- that sense of hating {or as you said abhor} of being late has passed down to my kids.

    Great outfit as well. Love the color of the skirt.

  5. i can't think of a better skirt to adorn one's grumpy butt in than the one you're wearing here.
    sorry for the lame start of the day. i hate that. but, yes, jimmy john's will make it all better.
    and also? despite the consequences...i would've chosen to cuddle with my husb, too. i think you made a wise decision. :)

  6. I don't even like diet coke and your posts always make me want one.


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