they always freak out when you leave the scene of an accident

for the first time in a long time, i've totally ditched the blog for a couple days.
i would be lying if i said it didn't feel kind of nice to disconnect for a couple days.
i flew to california for the weekend because my older sister got married!

the ceremony was done at the courthouse and was surprisingly beautiful. i pictured a group of us crowded around them while they signed a legal document in a drab room, after which a grumpy, irritated woman would glare and stamp "married" in red while we all applauded.
actually, though, there was a pretty little room overlooking the city with wooden pews for family and friends, an altar, and a pleasant older woman in robes. the words my sister and her new husband spoke to each other were simple and beautiful. my whole weekend was filled with love and i really cherished the friendships that have grown between my siblings as we've gotten older and "playing nice" is no longer required.
...and you know i've been snuggling kitties like there's no tomorrow!

well, i'm headed back to good old rexburg tomorrow, so i thought i'd pop on here and say hello, i'm alive, and i'll be posting outfits again soon! promise i haven't been naked-poody all weekend (my little brother used to call it naked-poody..how hilarious is that?!). i'm thrilled to be heading back to my hunky husband but it's always hard to say good-bye.

so...my mom got me a tiffen lunchbox for my birthday!
eee! i love it. i'm toting it home tomorrow, and decided it needed to be filled up with the most delicious lunch ever...trader joe candy!
oh yes i did.
watch airport security take them away...
i would run for it, lloyd christmas style. "it's ok, i'm a limo driver!"


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  2. i mean if i were an airport security guard i would probably confiscate that lunch box & keep it for myself!

  3. i love trader joes candy! if only idaho had a trader joes...

  4. dumb and dumber is my all time favorite movie. good taste you have!


  5. haha love tiffen boxes! hope you are swell

  6. that is the most awesome lunch box ever!


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