flats: modcloth; bracelets: h&m; everything else: panache
what do i blog about now that there are no finals to complain about?!
maybe about how awesome last night was.
i went out to dinner with my husband, then freepiling and sno cones with shpitty, came home, and hung out with david. then we just...relaxed in our apartment! i didn't feel guilty when i stopped what i was doing to tell david about a funny thing that happened that day. i didn't have a paper in the back of my mind when i watched an episode of parks & recreation (it never gets old). i slept way too late today and didn't spring out of bed and sprint to class, disheveled, when i realized what time it was. it has been bliss. i know the tears will come when i think about how very much i loved being a student and how dearly i will miss the english program (a post about that is coming tomorrow), but for now i'm loving the lack of stress. as rewarding and challenging and fun as being a student is, it is stressful.

anyways, i hope everyone is gearing up for an awesome weekend!
my parents get into town tomorrow to help us celebrate and i could not be more excited.
i know the rest of the world has been on summer break for a month or two now, but mine is just starting. YAY SUMMER 2011!


  1. Congratssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was totally bawling at my graduation.....and I think I was the only one. It was so hard for me to accept being done with college:(

  3. lovely outfit, nice mood :) I'm in love with summer too and hope yours will be awsome.


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