heels/crop pants: target; top: panache
 this summer, i've been partial to loose tops that don't require layering.
maybe you just read that and thought, "duh, B, it's summertime."
but literally 75% of my closet was purchased with cardigan-wearing in mind and i've just been so hot lately. so i snagged this top as soon as i saw it and it didn't disappoint. wahoo!

speaking of being hot...
i made my own deodorant last night!
are you impressed? i got the recipe from this pin on pinterest (who has two thumbs and loves pinterest? this guy).
so far i like it. it's nice and fruity smelling and i'm no longer worried about aluminum-induced breast cancer like i was before...especially since i get terrible chest wall pain and i just don't think my old deodorant was helping (although i think the main contributor to that pain is diet coke drinking, boo). the only downside is it's a little funny to apply. you just grab a blob and rub it in; it's not as smooth as the store-bought stuff.
so, yay!
we made all kinds of stuff last night.  in addition to deodorant, i made jell-o mousse (dairy-free, of course)...i'm so mormon sometimes. and david made gluten- and dairy-free brownies. what a lovely, domestic evening.


  1. you look gorgeous!love the floral blouse!

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  3. That's cool that you made your own deodorant. For a long time I was tired of using deodorant but wanted to keep fresh so I used baby powder or talc. It was a great feeling in the 'pits. Hahaha! (that sounded awful).


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

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