farmer's market

sandals: charlotte russe (?); pants: jbrand; top: styles
these velvety green corduroy-jeggings are the most comfy pants ever, although if someone had described them to me that way before i ever saw them i would have politely said "no, thank you"...and then sprinted away.

on friday night, david and i visited the local farmer's market. 
we go almost every week to get dinner and wander around...we figure it's good karma to support other small, local businesses. especially when those small, local businesses make delicious food and supporting them involves eating.

this week we got to go with the son of some of our best friends. we just think this little guy is the coolest. the opportunity presented itself to grab him and run...so we took it!
that's a lie. we were baby-sitting for the evening. but we had so much fun!
we stopped to listen to a little band that was playing. they were so fun to listen to!
we picked up our kettle corn as usual (that stuff is the best),
and enjoyed a gorgeous sky. idaho has the best summers.

we ended the night at the drive-in (again). i'm newly hooked to the drive-in...it's the best way to enjoy a movie! plus, the always do double features, so you pay the price for a normal movie ticket...but you get two movies out of it. we'll be regulars for the rest of the summer, i'm sure.


  1. You'll make a cute momma, that photo of him in your lap is adorable.

    I love drive-in movies, but I think the closest one is Ogden. Live it up!

  2. Love the farmers' market! And a drive-in movie sounds fun, but I've never been to one. Should put it on my bucket list. :)

  3. you llook gorggggg in those pics! that is the cutest picture of david and caleb ever!!!!! awww!!

  4. What an adorable outfit! I love that tunic on you =)


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