graduating, nineveh style

 flats: modcloth; skirt/tee: f21; cardi/scarf: h&m
this is a big week for me.
not only did i do a hairstyle that makes me feel super fancy...it's graduation week! i have the easiest finals week known to mankind (or studentkind..) and then i'm done. to commemorate this special week, i made this banner:
 weird that i made it for myself? maybe.
weirder that i cut the letters out of a children's storybook bible? perhaps (can you see jonah and the whale?).
do i love it? definitely.
it's hanging on our door right now, so everyone that comes to our home knows to give high fives and fist bumps.
i did gradS, plural, because we never did a big celebration for david's graduation. this was his own doing, as he doesn't like a fuss being made on his behalf (except on his birthday...his birthday is the biggest event of every year in our house). however, i wanted to celebrate both of the grads in our family! also, it felt less narcissistic to make a banner for US as opposed to making one for ME.

so, here's to kicking off grad week!


  1. Congrats Brandilyn on graduating! And I LOVE your hair it looks so great!

  2. Congrats on Graduation. That is such an awesome accomplishment. :) I love the outfit and the hair. So worthy of graduation week.

  3. Cute shoes!!!!
    I picked you as "My Fave" this time on my blog. Come check it out...

  4. great scarf and hooray for graduation! so many great things in one post!


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