head, shoulders, knees, and toes

 sandals: saltwater; jeans: BKE/buckle; belt: american eagle; unsershirt/lace top: panache
 i usually h a t e profile pictures of myself.
i'm starting to embrace 'em, though!
the other day at lunch kate and i started talking about how incredible our bodies are.
i'm not saying i'm superstar gorgeous, but my body really does do almost everything i ask it to. my eyeballs read books and my hands hold david's and my feet walk me to and from campus every day. my fingers ring up sales and my brain remembers how to ride a horse every time i get on, even when it's been way too long.
these are good things.
i do not have a perfect body, but i have so much.
at 22, i'm probably at the age where my body will most willingly do what i ask it to. if i don't appreciate it now, i'm probably going to be kicking myself in 50 years. and that's not going to help anything.
so here's to shaking what my momma gave me.
and to grateful days. those are always the happiest ones.


  1. Those are some great thoughts! And the outfit is so simple and so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How funny, I have been thinking the same thing all week long! It all started when I said a complaint or two and my sis put me straight. Way to be!

    P.S. you are beautiful!

  3. I love shaking what my momma gave me:-) Good for the soul! You are gooooorgeous! xoxo


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