i was made for sunny days

 sandals: saltwater; dress: gap; top: panache
summer is in full swing over here, folks!
this fourth of july weekend has been and will be the ultimate in summer fun.
on saturday we met with some good friends for a barbecue and s'more roast. i don't know why, but everything tastes better when cooked outside.

 isn't hilary gorgeous?!
we ended the evening with a drive-in movie! the last movie i saw at a drive-in was forrest gump..so yep, it's been awhile.  we saw mr. popper's penguins, which got terrible reviews but we thought it was actually very cute. it was a double feature, but we got tired and left after one movie...so we'll have to go back again soon!

our fourth of july will include river floating, bicycle riding, and play viewing. 
i'm pretty stoked and can't wait to share our adventures with you!


  1. I love your dress outfit, so cute!

  2. o wow i know those ppl!! brians old roommates friends and we went out with them!! o by the way... you.are.adorable. i miss you

  3. loooove your outfit. that peter pan top is to cute.

  4. so cute! i love the peter pan collar peeking out from the dress.

    and you are having me crave s'mores.

    caroline - pictures & words

  5. David looks thrilled

  6. Oh I love your shoes and sounds like you have been having a good weekend! :) AND I LOVE DRIVE INS!!!! Ah, really I loved going to them when I was growing up and now I moved back home and going to hit them up again :) So fun! Also, I found you through Pink Pistachio...she is having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter! :) Have a good one girl!


  7. Awwwww...how cute are you? I love your outfit with the little collar shirt underneath! :) Perf!

  8. Your hair has a sweet ombre effect. Did you do that recently? Did you blog about it? Did I miss it? Sorry.

  9. i LOVE your dress/shirt!! do you still happen to have that shirt at panache? i might have to grab one...


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