it's definitely summertime

 sandals: saltwater; crop pants/chambray: target; scarf: inherited from my grandmother
 i did this to my hair and it felt fancier than a bun (even though it's not really):
it's hot today.
i feel ridiculous complaining because of how much time i spent in the winter bargaining with mama earth in an attempt to get a warm day. so instead, i'll just say...i'm still adjusting.
things that ease the adjustment period:
outfits that don't require a bra (TMI? sorry),
hairdos that stay off my neck,
and of course...my saltwater sandals. you guys sick of those yet? i'm not. i'm in la-la-la-loove!

so for the fourth of july, david and i drove up to island park, parked our car, cycled up to the top of the river, and floated down on tubes. it was the most perfect way for us to spend our holiday: together, outdoors, and away from crowds. here's some video we took of us interviewing each other on the side of a highway (i don't know why we didn't choose a better place to stop) (also please excuse how extremely white trash my appearance is in this video):


  1. you're great! I love the hair-do! And it's always so weird hearing bloggers voices when you're only used to pictures and writing! But your voice sounded exactly how I had imagined. In a non creepy way. As in not like I stayed up at night wondering how your voice sounded. More like it didn't surprise me. yup. was that TMI?

  2. Your hair is darling! And - wow, you two make such a cute couple :)

  3. Your hair looks rad! How did you do that?!

  4. Love the hair...you two do make a cute couple bytheway!

  5. Love that you're so chipper as you nearly die by a fatal hit and run! You've got some guts girlie!

  6. evi - i french braided down and around the bottom of my head and then sort of just tucked the ends back around into the brain with bobby pins...does that make sense? haha it was REALLY simple.

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  8. i cant watch all of the video!!! but i bet it was cute. also i love your outfit today you look sooooo cute can i be you!!!!! want your shirt and hair do and sandals!!

  9. I love Island Park! When I worked in West. Ystone, Mack's Inn was the place to go for floating down the river....so fun! You should do a tutorial on the hair...that's so cute!

  10. I love, love, love that hairdo. Looks fabulous! And why do you always look so good in a turban? I tried to wear one this morning, but it didn't want to be worn. So I threw it on the ground, stomped on it, and yelled at it, "Why can't you be like Brandilyn's turbans?" Still waiting for a response.

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