je ne sais pas

 mules: target; skirt: modcloth; top/belt: panache

i've actually worn this skirt a few times since i got it, but does it even count if i didn't blog it? doubt it.
ok, AND: these heels make me TALL. and i love it. i'm 5'7" and i still want to be TALLER! 

so i'm coming up on ONE WEEK of being graduated. it's been weird. i don't know what to do with my time. and i never know what day it is.
mostly, though, i want to make a shirt that says "i don't know," because i get asked the same questions over and over again* and i just don't know the answer to any of them.

i don't know what my plans are now...
i don't know if i'm going to grad school...
i don't know if i'll be using my degree to teach...
i don't know if we're staying in rexburg...
i don't know if we're selling the store...
i don't know if we're going to have a baby...
i don't know if we're moving to arizona...
i don't know if i'm ever going to shave my legs again...
i just...don't know! i don't know anything!

that last one was a joke (not really). i'll totally shave my legs in time for our wedding anniversary next week. maybe. i'm kidding, dave, i will! olive garden deserves shaved legs. i love olive garden. and david. and especially olive garden with david.

anyways, not knowing is both terrifying and exciting. we keep joking that we should just move to alaska or hawaii or...paris! we really could, too! it's mind bottling (you know, when things are so crazy it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle?).

so that's what's up with me today...what's up with you?

*that's not to say i'm irritated when people ask; they're totally normal questions and i'm flattered that people care! i just never know the answer!


  1. i love this look!!im following now
    kiss from prague and a have a great day!!

  2. I Totally know how you feel. You'd think having a degree would make life easier! It certainly does not.

    p.s. BLADES OF GLORY love it

  3. I figured I'd do you a favor and answer your questions for you.
    1) move to AZ.
    2) No
    3) No
    4) No
    5) Yes, but to open a new one in AZ
    6) I'll leave that one up to you. You're welcome.
    7) YES yes yes.
    8) I'll let you decide that one too.
    Okay, now you can rest easy. Woohoo!

  4. Congratulations, friend!

    I say, do whatever you want to do, while you can. Travel, pursue that dream job, go for another degree - whatever you want - grab it with reckless abandon. The time will likely come when you will need to be rooted, so fly while you can!

  5. "It’s a question mark. You’re never going to have this luxury again, of not knowing. And it is a luxury not to know." --Dustin Hoffman


  6. friggin CUTE skirt. there. nothing left to worry about.

  7. HA! Mind bottling...

    So, wait... what is it you're planning to do again?

    Bran, I still don't know what I'm doing with my life, and I'm a heckuva lot closer to 30 than you. (I dunno, it seems like I should know before I'm 30!)

  8. I remember having that same feeling when I graduated from college. Life is so structured around school, school work, and the goal of FINISHING that it's a little disorienting when the structure is gone. It will all fall into place as you figure out what you want to do. Go with the flow; the world is in divine order. Congrats! Camla

  9. i love your skirt! and, it's okay, we're still figuring out what we'll be doing, too... and we have a baby and just moved. :)

  10. Oh, PLEASE move to AZ and open a Panache here! I will keep you in business!

  11. Super cute skirt!


  12. You will find answers to those questions soon enough! I know it sucks when people ask and we really don't have an answer for them.

    Graduating is tough; that's when true adulthood really starts... no instant gratification for our efforts with an A+, no set schedule until we find a job, FINDING A REAL JOB! That's a huge one... actually start working on something we studied for. I know it's tough. But you have a loving husband to be your support and your strength. You'll figure things out. :)


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

  13. Don't be backwards to just say, I don't know! You have soooo many opportunites right now and it takes awhile to decide what your next move is. Take your time & enjoy the fact that you have options galore :)


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