les lettres

 heels: target; jeans: gap ($7.50!); top: panache; vest: buckle
 dear gap jeans,
i love when i get you for $7.50 (25% off $10 clearance!), but why do you have to slide down me more and more as the day goes by? you fit so well right after i wash you...can't you just stay put?
sincerely, brandilyn's butt

dear new shoes,
i don't care if david's not a fan, i love you so so much. you're just ugly enough to be awesome.
love, brandilyn

dear rachel,
green eggs and ham...in FRENCH?! most clever graduation gift ever!
i love you and i'm glad you're my bestie.
love, bran

dear every graduation announcement i've seen online,
you are hideous. why can't someone read my mind and create exactly what i'm picturing? my vision is not unreasonable. i don't feel like that's too much to ask.
frustratingly yours, brandilyn

dear electronics,
i guess it takes a lot of you to keep me entertained. i do so appreciate all your hard work.
lovingly, brandilyn's brain

dear panache,
your open door brings in the most lovely breeze. i hope the businessmen who have been talking loudly outside for the last 47 minutes (yep, i've been keeping track, too) aren't annoying you as much as they're annoying me. oh, & i think you're the best.
your favorite owner, brandilyn

dear david,
thanks for bringing me chips and dip in the store. it was delicious and i can't wait to hang out with you after work tonight. i love you lots.
love, me


  1. I love that outfit! And 7.50 for jeans? Goodness!

  2. I love these pants Bran!


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