life sucker

 boots: mommed; jeans: gap; tee shirt: target; belt: american eagle; earrings: truly sarah

after seeing this tutorial at cotton and curls, i knew i had to try it...and i'm happy i did! i love my new crop top. it was as simple as taking the sleeves in and cutting a diagonal strip off the bottom. woo-hooo!

i've had blogger open all day trying to type a post.
i guess i don't have much to say today...i'm a boring blogger. 
maybe it's because i've been watching the bachelorette on hulu this afternoon and it's so boring that it's sucking the life out of me.
oooor maybe i'm finishing up my last semester and my projects are sucking the life out of me.
or MAYBE i'm discouraged because it's only tuesday and i feel like it should be friday. and THAT is sucking the life out of me.
or...my tee shirt/cowboy boot combination is so awesome that it's doing the talking for me!
but really, probably one of the former.


  1. This entry contains one of the greatest typos of all time. Apparently, you've had bogger open all day. Like a booger? What? I love you.

  2. Bach is SOOO lame this season. BUT, I can't help but watch. I get sooo sooo bothered by Ash--lay....she is out of control.

  3. psh say WHAT?! You're hatin on the bachlorette? It's been a prett stinking exciting season if you ask me! Bently? Ryan? Mickey?

  4. It looks awesome! Thanks for trying my tutorial! I love the outfit and your hair is darling.
    Liz from C&C

  5. You look amaaaazzzzing. Love the outfit. Love you. Miss you. Miss Flap Jacks.


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