maxi dresses: an ode.

 dress/belt/undershirt: panache; cardi: target; sandals: charlotte russe; shades: gas station in NV

i seem to have a thing for all things maxi.
this is most odd, because when i first started seeing maxi dresses/skirts i wanted nothing to do with it. but now i'm smitten and i can't help it.
i also saw the most stunning pregnant lady in the grocery store the other day wearing a maxi dress. she looked beautiful and radiant and glow-y and all those things pregnant women should be. i probably sounded like an awe-struck 4 year old when i told her how pretty she looked, but seriously, she had to know that she was rocking that maxi dress. and life.
well, even though i'm not pregnant, i wanted to be that radiant and glow-y and glamorous! so i wore a maxi dress. again. i don't know how well i did on looking amazing, but i did feel darn comfortable all day long. which i always say when i wear a maxi dress, but really...those things are pajamas! and david likes them. and i like it when he likes something.

also, i wore this on sunday, and we took our little sunday school class outside for our lesson because it was a gorgeous day and our classroom gets warm. this dress was awesome because i didn't have to sit awkwardly mermaid-style on the ground. i could just sit indian-style* without a care in the world and play simon says, a hilarious and adorable game to play with 4 year olds who insist on simon only saying animals.

*when i was little, sitting cross-legged was called indian style...but i'm thinking that's too politically incorrect for schools nowadays, so what do they call it? just cross-legged? that's boring...


  1. cute dress! I have yet to find a maxi dress that i like:/

  2. its now called sitting "criss cross applesauce"

  3. i never liked maxi dressed untill you and your mom wore them serisoulyyyy!! now i want one and btw you do look AMAZING!! i say that all the time but i really do mean it i think your so pretty!

  4. Anon is right. So says my 6 year old niece.

    I love maxi-anything too. (Well almost, maxi-pads are kind of gross)

  5. I agree! Maxi dresses look good on everybody!

  6. it's a cute dress! i love them too, they look so great on everybody and you don't have to worry about holding your stomach in after a big meal ; )

  7. amen sista. I think I'm catching the maxi trend too. I want one bad. They seem kinda hot though. I also love what you said about indian style :) and I totally relate to mermaid stlye.

  8. Love the maxi, I am searching for my very first one. Hey and congrats on your graduation coming up! So exciting!

  9. I just don't know if I could do a maxi. They're not idle for us 5ft-and-under crowd. At least, I always feel a foot shorter when I try one on.


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