moving along

 boots: vintage; skirt: f21; top/bracelet: panache; necklace: stolen from my momma
i didn't wear this today.
is my fashion blogger credibility shot? ah, shoot.
i actually wore this last month to my sister's wedding ceremony at the courthouse, which turned out to be a simple and beautiful little ceremony. my super talented sister-in-law snapped these outfit pictures for me while we were waiting and i'm totally impressed with how they turned out (side note: isn't her website adorable? i'm so excited she's got it up and running! homegirl's going places. if you go to her about me page, you will also see the cutest child ever known to mankind, aka my niece).

finals week has kept chugging along around here.
a few peeks at what i've been up to:
 evening bike rides around adorable rexburg with mr. david...
 prepping/studying my FINAL vocab list for my french exam...
 enjoying delicious treats from BYU-I (how adorable are those mini nutella packets?!)...
and reveling in a shockingly sparse planner. usually finals week is packed...but this one is very low-key. most of my heavy work load was taken care of in the last two weeks. what a pleasant way to finish out my education here.


  1. I don't know if you are sending out grad announcements, to family or whatever, but that picture she shot should be the one you send out. Or you could simply use it in your acting portfolio, the one you use to go on auditions, because you're famous and I adore you.

    p.s. you're beautiful.

  2. go B! almost there! :)

  3. This picture of you is stunning! It's really just an awesome picture overall... great outfit, good lighting, interesting angle, awesome hair. Your eyes look awesome, too! I need to borrow your super talented SIL...

  4. I TOTALLY just had a moment when I looked at that planner. Oh my goooooosh that thing was my right-hand man during school and now I quit cold turkey and probably won't need another planning until I have 4 kids and they have after school stuff going on constantly. I tooootally miss writing things down and highlighting and crossing things OUT! I would love a planner now, but pretty sure I'd have one thing in per week that was going on and not 10 per DAY like I did before. ahhhhh I am so excited you're a graduate!!! Doesn't it feel AMAZING???? well, I know you're not done, YET but SOON!!!!

  5. love the outfit, so cute! and LOVE that you posted a picture of your planner. you are my hero for doing that. and congrats on your upcoming graduation! oh i miss those times of busy planners & excitement to come :)

  6. dang girl you are on it! It's so weird to think about graduating. Like wait, I'm gonna be a grown up soon? I have to get a grown up job? I get paid real money? It's ridiculous really.

  7. This is such a great outfit! I never would have thought to pair these pieces together, but it really works. Love the length of the skirt with the boots. And definitely agree with the other comments, awesome photos.


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