say what?

i don't even know where this post was meant to start or end; it's sort of a random conglomeration of stuff. my thoughts and emotions have been all over the place these last few days and i don't know where to begin sorting them.

so here is a brain dump:

we bought a bookshelf.
i'm really excited because it's a lot bigger than the bookshelf we had before this one and we moved the smaller one into our bedroom and now this one holds a good percentage of my books and it cleans up a lot of clutter around our living room and there's a nifty little spot for my diploma cover and i love my books so much and i'm done with this monster sentence now.

an outfit and some more run-on sentences:
and the other day, david picked me up from my LAST class EVER and then he dropped me off at the sno shack and i walked home and he came outside and started taking outfit pictures from the top of our stairway.
 and then i was really distracted and the pictures turned out kind of silly but it's okay because i really probably just wanted to get back to my tiger's blood sno cone with vanilla ice cream in the bottom:
 flats/belt: target; skirt: panache; tee: wal mart ($5!); scarf: vintage/my grandmother's

some gratitude:
i wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments i got on my graduation post. i really wasn't expecting anyone to read it or care but i got the sweetest responses ever. i may have teared up...but i teared up a lot this weekend. i have tons of pictures of graduation things, but i think that for now this one sums it all up pretty well:
graduated and sprinting towards my family. in the sunshine. on the beautiful byui campus.


  1. love the skirt, i need to go buy one and love the graduation photos below! so fun you and dave both look so great! congrats!

  2. I didn't get to say Congratulations in your last post. That's totally awesome, whoever thinks that having a Bachelor's is nothing, forget them because it still does take time and a lot of hard work to get it. And if they are shooting for higher, that's their own goal, but whoever has a Bachelor should be proud! I'm with you girl, I'm proud I got mine last year :) Good luckk!

  3. congrats on graduating! and on choosing the best sno-cone combo ever.

  4. OH my gosh. I just noticed you have a framed picture of hipster Harry, Ron, and Hermione on your bookshelf. Marvelous.


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