the scholar

 sandals: saltwater; dress: panache; cardi: target
this dress is so roomy and long.
i was practically wearing a bathrobe around all day. someday, when it's pregnant time, this dress will probably be my new bff. so much room.

today was a bit nutso. i had classes all day and then ended up teaching two classes on sort of short notice. it's a good thing i enjoy this whole english major gig, huh?
well, i officially declared this afternoon a no work afternoon.
no work afternoons are important, most especially in the summertime, and they are most effective when followed by a pizza for dinner evening. i only have two weeks left in this semester and i just don't yet believe that i'll be graduating that soon. soon my days will be filled with the viewing of old parks and recreation episodes, potato chips and onion dip, cuddling kittens, and floating down rivers with david.

that is what graduated people do, right?


  1. Okay here comes some honesty. I typically hate maxi dresses. I think they are rarely flattering or cute. And the name...reminds me of something else. but HOLY COW! I LOVE this one. Seriously. And it looks great on you. You may have just converted me to the maxi world!

  2. I love maxi dresses! Most look horrible on me... but they feel like socially acceptable pajamas :)

  3. I LOVE maxi dresses! I think they can be flattering, but here's the big reason I love them: they're SO comfortable! You look great.

  4. i'm a huge fan of maxi dresses, and this one in particular is ADORBS. love it. especially in the summer, when a garment that's ankle-length is surprisingly cool. you look fabulous, brandilyn! (and, yes, that's absolutely what graduated people do. :) )

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  6. I absolutley love your dress!

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