staying classy

 heels: target; skirt: free!; tee: wal mart ($5!); belt: ross
i got this skirt lounge scrounging!
lounge scrounging is what you do at the end of the semester, when people clean out their apartments.  they leave all the clothes they don't want in the lounge of their apartment and the apartment managers take it all to the thrift stores. before they take it away, though, shpitty and i go shopping. awesome.

i wore this to the idaho falls museum with my parents and david on saturday.
they have an exhibit on bodies there and it...was...awesome. they had real human brains and lungs and intestines and you could see how your innards worked. i found out that all your vertebrae get pulled together by body weight and gravity all throughout the day, and then spring back into their original size while you sleep at night, so you're tallest in the morning when you first wake up and shortest at night before bed. craziness.

today shpitty and i did (more) shopping...like at the gap, where i got 25% off $10 jeans. and a super hot shirt for david. shopping made us starving though, so we got chicken and mashed potatoes at applebee's because we're classy ladies. but THEN we were so full all we could do was sit on the couch and paint our nails and watch hilarious television on dvd and poke around on our kindles. so that...sums up my first weekday as a college graduate. oh, and now i'm going to make 7 layer dip.


  1. okay seriously. to a full time working student [which i know you were not long ago] your days sounds like heaven! Only better!

  2. that skirt (well, your whole outfit) is so lovely! what a great find.

  3. great skirt girl! ahhh...u're enjoying ur time! high five! hik hik..

  4. So after I saw your first post with these shoes I had to buy them and I love them. Now I am seriously envious of your skirt! You look amazing :)

  5. GREAT BLOG! you are so interesting and inspirational! i would love to have you check out my blog and let me know what you think of it! your opinions would really mean a lot! :) i love your style and these pictures! Great!

    follow me?

  6. Lounge scrounging? That pretty much sounds amazing and I want to participate. Almost as much as I want to visit Panache and buy everything in your store...

    New follower!

  7. whatEVER...you look awesome! the skirt itself is fabulous, but that belt and shoes just clinch the deal. you win. congrats. plaque's in the mail.

  8. oh man I love the Bodies Exhibit! My favorite was where they remove all the tissue and bones and leave just the vascular system of the body and organs' vascular systems! So fascinating, so was the fetuses at different stages of development but really sad too. everyone should get to go to that exhibit and see what we look like on the inside:)

  9. awesome blog!


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