when you do your thing...

 heels: ?; dress: target; blazer cardi thing: panache; bag: juicy
i love this bag too much.
my parents got it for me the christmas before i started my first semester of college (i started in january). it's my fancy bag. i only take it on dates or to church...well, since we've been teaching the 4 year olds i don't take it to church because i'm lugging around a lesson manual, treats, a beanbag, a star chart...you get the picture. they're worth it, though, the little cuties. last week one boy said, "hey teacher, your hair is black at the beginnings!"
i decided that their lesson on forgiveness was more important than a lesson on ombre, though, so i let it slide.

anyways, today i took 20 minutes to tidy up our bedroom.
david loved it so much, he hugged our bed! aaaw.
then he made me a filet mignon dinner. that's not a lie. and it was sooo good.
then, we went to grad night (because, you know, i'm a grad) and saw a girl who tried to flirt with him a few days ago, which was equal parts awkward and hilarious. single ladies: check for a ring before you do your thing. that rhymed..unintentional. also, if you're going to marry someone as devastatingly good-looking as david, be aware that they will still get hit on. and it's usually hilarious.


  1. Cute blog! I'm now following!

  2. I love this outfit! I'm struck with envy!

  3. You look absolutely stunning in that first pic!!!! WOW! You are beautiful!

  4. omgsh your first pic is gorggggggeeeousssssssss im obsessed i want a frame with you in it! i vote profile pic.

  5. Brandilyn you look BEAUTIFUL in these pictures. Seriously i love them.

  6. That blue dress is gorgeous on you! Such a great color for you.

  7. I love that dress :) and I agree, it's tough being married to such a handsome man. I'm sure it goes the other way too!

  8. love the first pic of you!! you are glowing


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