wind in our hair, cake in our bellies

sandals: charlotte russe; dress turned into a skirt/belt: panache; cardigan turned into a top: nordstrom
david and i like being grown-ups.
this occurred to me on sunday morning when i had a good, healthy, green smoothie for breakfast...and followed it up with a huge slice of chocolate cake. chocolate cake that i made after midnight the night before while we were up way too late hanging out with some good friends. we've really enjoyed this time before babies come when we can decide to do something and just do it. like, you know, buy a clothing store. or go car camping. or get burgers at 1 in the morning.
or pack up chocolate cake and mango jarritos and go on an adventure, like we did last night.

webcam to gif

we went on a lovely little bicycle ride, which actually ended up being a bit too windy for comfort...especially for homegirl in contacts and tight lungs (that'd be me). it was good to get out of the apartment, though, and enjoy the idaho summertime.


  1. Haha! I love this!

    The thing that is my favorite about being an adult is definitely eating chocolate for breakfast. I would eat cake for breakfast everyday if I didn't occasionally crave salty things! Haha!!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Fabulous, Bran. You two make me so happy!

  3. haha! so true! I love being a grown up too. I don't understand how eating dessert before dinner will spoil it. I know for a fact both dinner and dessert taste better when dessert is eaten first.

  4. Just found your blog from Julie's site. I love it, I like your maxi skirt! Is it a dress? and you have very cute personality.

    I am your newest follower, hoping you would come by and do the same ;)

    xo Nav

  5. I vote for still being spontaneous....especially when you have kids! Don't people w/ kids always complain about their kids not sleeping much...perfect time for midnight cake making! :)

  6. i really, really want that dress/skirt. probably i could call your store, but i thought i'd see if you'd tell me first...how much? is it in stock still?


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