TODAY…is our third wedding anniversary.  i’m pretty excited about that.  i remember when i’d only been married for a couple months, or only a year or two, and i thought people who had been married for THREE years were so wise and comfortable in their married status.  well, here i am, and the only thing i can really say about it is three years goes by pretty fast.  and I know for sure that when year 50 rolls around we’ll look back and laugh about how we didn’t know a single thing about life or marriage after year 3.
us over the last few years...and that middle upper one is one of the few un-destroyed photos of that horrid haircut

this year didn’t bring us a house or a little one of our very own, but i’m grateful for the chance we’ve had to become a better husband and wife before taking those big things on. 
i’ve loved the adventures this last year brought:

riding a harley across arizona
going to the drive-in for the first time
running our amazing little store for another year (panache got a facelift this year as well!)
buying and selling a bunch of crap (a sewing machine, 4 motorcycles, some golf clubs, a bicycle)
a dirt bike race (david)
a writing retreat (me)
trips to west yellowstone, island park, california, and a bunch of business trips (boo!) for David to places like georgia, orlando, portland, seattle, colorado, and utah.
moving to a different apartment in the same building
our first thanksgiving on our own—we enjoyed a rotisserie chicken, haha!
fashion blogging (that’s definitely a collaboration between the two of us)
discovering the evil that is gluten, in addition to the evil that is dairy
worked as a teacher’s assistant (me)
a spontaneous, romantic stay at a local hotel for valentine’s day
starting to teach the adorable, crazy, hilarious, off-the-wall, infuriating, amazing 4-5 year old primary class in our ward
excitedly welcoming scotty (david’s brother) and michelle (my BF4enene) home from missions to san bernadino, ca and london, england
i'm sure i'm leaving things from this year out...but i can't think of them right now.

 i write my cute husband little notes all the time that don’t get shared on here because they’re, you know, personal and just for him.  today, though, i wanted to gush on the blog about how special that roommate of mine is (as if i didn't do that enough already ;).

david, i am in love with you.  i love you more today than i did on this day three years ago; i love you more today than I did yesterday, even.   you are a constant in my life, immovable in your standards, your work ethic, and your commitment to me.  your sensitivity to my needs and emotions amazes and humbles me.  you are my best friend, my favorite part of every day, and the only person i’d want to spend eternity with.  i’m a lucky, lucky wife.  also…i’m so freaking excited about our date tonight!

to quote the song we danced to at our wedding:
i have been, i am, and i always will be yours.  every dream, every hope that i had…you are so much more.


  1. This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing! My husband and I have our third year anniversary coming up this month too : )

  2. YAY!!!! 3 Years DID FLLLLLLY by!!!! I love those pictures you posted! Congrats and enjoy your day!!

  3. Woo hoo! I loved reading this. I'm excited to get to be a wise expert married person like you someday. =)

    And funny you should mention that short haircut in that first picture montage, because as soon as I saw it, I thought "That really is super-cute. Brandilyn may like her long hair, but she can totally pull off that darling pixie and look feminine and gorgeous."

    Just FYI. =)

  4. ohhh congratulations!!! our 2-year wedding anniversary was YESTERDAY! and i feel like two years have gone by like nothing :) what a cute couple you two are, have a great anniversary date tonight! xo

  5. You two are so adorable! I loved reading about all your adventures this year- may the 4th year of your marriage be as amazing as the third:-)

  6. Shea Tanner8/2/11, 3:46 PM

    This is the cutest thing ever! Plus, your store is wicked adorable and I am in love with it.

  7. awh! this is so tender! I love it :) You guys really are an awesome couple! I can tell you're really in love with him! I hpe to be there in 3 years! you know, all in love and wise and junk :)

  8. happy anniversary! i remember feeling that way too about others being married for 3 years when i was a freshly newly wed gal... and now, i will be celebrating my 5 ANNIVERSARY in a few months! its crazy how fast it goes.

    love that quote at the end, its beautiful!!

  9. Awwww how cute! Happy Anniversary!

  10. I love love and I love this. Congratulations!

  11. Soo sweet and cute post. Loved your post. Thanks for sharing. Between Happy Marriage Anniversary.

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  12. This is so lovely to see you together over the years. Congrats on your 3 year anniversary!


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