and i'm getting older, too

wedges: target; jeans: gap; tee: walmart; shades: panache
i felt so 70's with my shirt tucked in all day!
i've had several small moments that have brought on a, "my gosh, i'm getting older! i'm turning into my mother!" thought. today i had one while getting dressed and thinking, "thank goodness these pants go a little higher; heaven knows i don't need my butt crack hanging out." i had another one of those moments a while ago while buying groceries. i was shopping alone and i started dancing along to a song that came on while i picked out my canned corn. i thought, "one day my children will be so embarrassed by me." and then i laughed out loud when it hit me--my mother used to dance in the grocery store and i was so embarrassed! or the first time i picked dark chocolate over milk. i used to hate dark chocolate.

ah, well. getting older will hopefully bring so many good adventures that i can't be too upset about it right now.

so you see that dangling piece of hair hanging out of my side pony?
i leaned down in front on the fan to get a blast of cool air on my face (or, whatever, down my shirt...it was warm in the store!) and it got CAUGHT in the fan! it was terrifying! i had to (::sob::) cut it out. arrgh.


  1. this outfit is hottttt!!! just sayin

  2. hahahahahhahahaha i'm sorry to laugh but SERIOUSLY. you caught your hair in the fan LOL. in 7th grade i caught mine in a fan...MY BANGS. had to cut them off. i looked like such an ass. my mom said, "oh don't worry about it, you look charming." ??? CHARMING!?!? really, mom?!?!?!

  3. Oh I have many of those "turning into my mother moments" every single day. My fave is when I tell my children "Because I said so and that is the only reason I need" LOL. I swear it used to drive me nuts when mom said that to me.

    Did you seriously get your hair caught in a fan? LOL, how scary would that be!!

  4. isn't it funny how you start noticing your mom in you the older you get....possibly scary sometimes :) I swear it's some strange phenom.

  5. I love that outfit but am so sorry you got stuck in a fan- that would stink!

    I see similarities between myself and my mom all the time- funny how it doesnt seem that bad anymore!

  6. I'm lovin' all your outfits lately! Miss you boo.

    hahahaha. Boo just sounded good there right?!

  7. I just love this outfit!


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