beaver dick park

 sperry topsiders; pants: american eagle clearance; tee: ?; necklace: julie the fish

are lazy outfits like this even worth posting?
i wore this a few days ago for a relaxed, fun evening spent with our friends at beaver dick park.
yeah, that's really the name of the park...
double rainbow! oh it's so beautiful!
southeastern idaho has the best summers.
husbands floated down the river in the rain...and david in his street clothes...

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s'mores, of course!
david's hair! haha! he is too too cute.
frisbees were thrown around...
and lots of pictures were taken.
we had a ton of fun with our friends. we have really loved having them as neighbors!


  1. I say lazy day outfits are totally worth posting! People need to realize that bloggers are real people too and can't look perf all the time! \

  2. What a great day! I'm so in love with summer. And you're outfit. That's my kinda outfit. You're my kinda girl.

  3. I always post my lazy casual outfits. I try to keep it real on my blog and well the reality is my days are usually casual. I think your adorable. That rainbow is amazing!!!

  4. I love the pants. I'm glad you got em'

  5. Camping is great for the mountains and hiking and all that....but the SMORES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ack! Be still my heart.

    Love, Alexis

  6. You look so cute in those glasses- lazy outfits are a must to post. Reminds the rest of us that it is okay to take it easy every once in awhile!


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