skirt/belt: f21; tee: banana republic/sarah swapped; flats: target; headband: styles; bracelet: panache; purse: lucky

who else is LOVING forever 21's longer skirts?
i felt very june cleaver doing housework in my new midi skirt today. 
also, it was so flowy that it was much cooler than jeans. i'm so ready for a cool-down in weather. i think i would do well in washington, or somewhere where it rains all the time...but not like forks, washington...it's not a weird vampire thing. just a cool weather thing. i despise being hot. i don't know where i get this from, my parents are both sun worshipers.

SPEAKING of hot weather...we got back from st. george sunday afternoon! it was seriously over 100 degrees the whole time we were there. craziness! we got to watch my best friend get sealed to her love for time and all eternity in the stunning st. george temple:
we were so excited to get out of rexburg, be there for their big day, eat delicious food, and dance the night away! there is no place in the world more beautiful for a wedding than the temple. there is also no place more fitting for my best friend to move into than the apartment down the hall from mine...which  is exactly what's happening! so excited to be neighbors with michelley.

in other news, my mom just texted me this darling picture of prince marls:
isn't marley the cutest thing you've ever seen? hopefully he gets to come live with me soooon! i can't wait to snuggle him and dress him up and feed him little tasty treats. hopefully he'll be making the move into our household SOON. 

haynes life update: david and i are in the process of trying to sell our beloved store (insert crying). while it's been such a fun project and learning experience for us, we're ready to move away from rexburg. finding a buyer for a clothing store is tricky business. it's like selling a house...you get lots of lookers and, ultimately, it just takes the right people to come along. we're excited to find the people that will fall in love with the business we've spent the last three years putting our heart and soul into. so that's what we've been up to!


  1. rachburkhart8/23/11, 8:57 AM

    I LOVE my f21 floral skirt (I think you saw it when we were in Livermore at the same time) SO comfortable. I am loving the polka dots though, I may be making another purchase :)

  2. whoaaaaaaa im in love with your skirt i want one now! im such a copier of everything u do! ok that really made me sad now about panache:( its really one of my fav stores ever i dont want to see it go.

  3. I am loving the longer skirts too. Looks so cute on you!

  4. Lacie Hansen8/23/11, 8:14 PM

    1. washington rulz!
    2. hope you get mr marley soon!!!
    3. wahh. tears for panache.
    4. shut up and stop being so cute.


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