heels: target; skirt: shopruche.com; belt: panache; top: leftover from my horse show days

i found this most excellent tutorial for a bun...
it ends up looking pretty similar to the blogger bun (you know, the one that has like 12 different video tutorials of the same process?) BUT it requires no ratting of the ponytail! bonus! instead of ratted, tangled hair, the height of the bun is created with a sock. genius. just go watch the tutorial, okay? you'll never look back.

speaking of tutorials...
i followed this tutorial to make a new wreath for my door last night. i'm pretty impressed with myself.
 (i can't wait until i'm done with this red door and can paint the door on my house any color i want...like sage green. or grey. or...anything but red)

anyways, today was most excellent. i got the three harry potter books i needed to complete my collection in the mail:
packed myself a delicious lunch:
and worked at my little clothing store:
(sometimes working, for me, means hanging out on our couch and giving a thumbs up or thumbs down when my friends are trying on clothes. i have the best job. also, funny story, david and i bought this couch from tyson and sydney via craigslist before we ever met them through blogging! small world)


  1. you are the cutest! i want that skirt. ahhh, dying over it.

  2. Ooh love those shoes! Almost bought them, and now I wish I had. Your wreath turned out awesome!

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  3. Love the picture of you at Panache! So cute!

  4. love that skirt - lovely pattern! and funny that you mentioned that sock bun - i just posted her tutorial on my blog earlier today!! it's genious :)

    xo jeanette


  5. Agh, that skirt! Love it!! It's so cute with the sock bun (isn't Emily awesome?) and the button-up.

    Also, wish I had your job. Sounds perfect! :)


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