dull fodder

 saltwater sandals; skirt: shopruche.com; tee: walmart; belt: panache

i'm blogging brain dead tonight.
i have been a lot lately. i went from a full-time job running the store, part-time job TAing, and 15 credits..to 4 hours a day at the store. it's been really bizarre. the other night i started crying and said, "i miss talking about interesting things and having discussions and reading important books and feeling smart! waaah!" (first world problems, am i right?) yeah...that's how slow my life is right now. 
like just now i asked david what i should blog about and he said, "oh, mcdonald's had that 50 chicken nuggets for $10 deal today!" and i said, "yeah, but we didn't do it." "but it was a pretty good deal." like i said...life is slow right now.
i really, really shouldn't complain. i nap every day, we eat at random hours, and do everything at our own pace. mostly it just doesn't provide good blogging fodder. so...sorry guys.

by the time you read this, i will be on my way to sunny st. george, utah!
my bestest friend is getting MARRIED to her equal in both body fat (0%) and fiscal responsibility...and i am her maid (matron) of honor. i'm so friggin' excited. michelle has been there with me on my first day of high school, my first day of college, my wedding day, my college graduation...everything. i'm so excited to share her biggest day and celebrate her incredible love story. YAY LOVE!!

p.s. how's this disqus thing working out for everyone? i'm still deciding if it's a permanent fixture on c&c.


  1. Love the skirt! My husband and I totally did the 50 nuggets deal last night. 25 nuggets each later and I can happily report. It. Was. Awesome. :)


  2. Hey- if you have time (which I TOTALLY understand if you don't), you should stop by SLC! My life is slow right now too haha! I was busier BEFORE I had a baby.

  3. I MISS MY DAUGHTER!!! Im SO bummed that I can't celebrate in ANY of Shelle's festivities.

  4. ok so ur hair is so freakin long now! and also u look gorgeous and i cant wait to see lots of pics from the wedding!! looooooooooove you! miss you and panache!

  5. that skirt is such a fantastic print!

    dash dot dotty

  6. Cute outfit! I love the skirt..it's so fun!

    I'm new to the mormon fashion blogger community! You have a great blog!

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR


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