facades and lizzie mcguire

boots: mommed; dress turned into a skirt: old navy; top/belt: panache; cardi: target
one time, when i was much younger, i read in a magazine that you could mix patterns if they were the same colors. i applied that rule here, and for the most part i'm pleased with the result...except i think i look a bit like i'm trying to be in a country music video. also, that same magazine (i think it was called girl's life?) told me that lizzie mcguire was a style icon, so maybe i shouldn't have trusted them in the first place.
i probably should have just stuck to my young rider magazine, which told me all about the hottest new trends in polo wraps and helmet covers, as well as new techniques for hoof picking and lunging. i guess that was only funny if you're into horses like i am...and if you are, then get this: i got to be stevie whenever my barn friends and i pretended we were the saddle club. best character ever, right?!
well, now that my super suave, cool facade has fallen...i hope we can still be friends...


  1. ahahaha lizzie could take chictopia by storm in that getup.

  2. HA! Lizzie's style was SO cool. i love your outfit.

  3. oh gosh. Lizzie's outfit is terrible. And this is the first time I've seen how young she was since I watched the show when I was 12? Did that make sense? Well, they look like BABIES! I was obsessed with her.

  4. I love Lizzie Mcguire :) and you look cute in polka dots and stripes! Awesome! :)

    Notes She Wrote

  5. I've noticed in blogland lots of people have been mixing patterns. Honestly, I'm just not brave enough to try it. I really don't know if I could pull it off. You look great in this outfit and the patterns really do work well together :)

  6. a) That outfit rocks.
    b) I totally get lunging and hoof-picking. Young Rider was the best.
    c) And Stevie was so cool. I always wanted to be Lisa when I was younger, though :)

  7. You will always be the Stevie to my Carol.

    <3 Carol and Starlight!

  8. Oh no you did not just bring me back to childhood with that lizzie picture!!

    With Love, Caitlyn at

  9. Lizzie as a style icon? That is too funny! I love your print mixing but hers? Whoa!


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