saltwater sandals; maxi dress: panache; sweater: american eagle; belt: f21
it was too hot to wear a sweater yesterday.
i came home from work and laid down on the couch for my 4:00 nap (yes, i'm 5 years old). i didn't even change. i woke up in one of those half-dazes, you know, where you're not really awake? and i had this awful, hot, sticky feeling like i was about to pass out...which i guess would have meant just falling back asleep, since i was already lying down. and then i had a weird dream where people kept coming into my apartment and one of them was delivering a pizza, which sounded so delicious, but i was napping on the couch in my underwear so i was embarrassed that david kept inviting everyone in. when i woke up, i was all, "who was here? where's that pizza? what's going on?" all groggy with my hair matted and mascara smudged. yeah, i'm a real dream to live with.

luckily david still took me to get pizza for dinner at 5buck pizza, where my bff shpitty works. it's my favorite place to eat in rexburg and it's right across the street from my apartment. they do half tomato sauce, half alfredo sauce on my little tiny veggie pizza and it's basically the most delicious thing to ever hit the planet.


  1. I HATE naps like that! It always takes me like 3 hours to recover. But I'd still live with you if you did that every day. =)

  2. hey!! the first pick u still look like a model even if ur groggy! love it!

  3. this is beautiful! You don't happen to have any of these dresses anymore...?

  4. sorry, adelyn, we don't! it's from a few weeks ago :(

  5. You look so pretty... and I LOVE your new header!

  6. Mmm pizza sounds awesome right about meow. I totally know that groggy feeling. It's like every time I wake up!

  7. You are so beautiful! (:



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