have a good...

 heels: target; skirt: panache; belt: f21; top: thrifted

hellooo day of weird facial expressions!
(which i guess carried on over from that photo in my last post...yikes!)

does anyone else out there work retail? maybe you can sympathize with me.
i feel like i say the same things a lot in any given day. "is that everything for you?" "allright, your total is //. debit or credit?" "would you like a copy of your receipt? would you like that with you or in the bag?" and finally, "hey, thanks for stopping by! have a good afternoon!"
i'm sort of on auto pilot.
well, the other day i finished ringing someone up and, before i could say it to her, she said, "have a good afternoon!" which is what i always say. it's embarrassing how much it threw me off. "oh!..yep. a good one, you too! for the afternoon, i mean. enjoy yours. all afternoon! bye bye now. ok." she was halfway out the door by the time i finished stuttering through my response.
sheesh. where is my brain? you'd think my adaptation skills would be a little better.


  1. i remember when i was working at an upscale women's boutique (read: a lot of very wealthy & upper class women)and they'd throw me off like that.. it was always very embarrassing because they seemed like they had it all together and here i was just a blubbering idiot behind the counter.

  2. haha i'm a receptionist and I totally feel you. I'm awkward on the phone basically every day. Sometimes they're funny. At least you're not the reporter who ended her shpeal with "in the name of jesus christ amen" :)

  3. haha. love this outfit and all the personality. so happy i found your blog. i'm totally following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following. Thanks love. xoxo


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  4. hahaha! this post made me laugh. i've done that before. it's nice though to have someone tell YOU to have a nice day right!?


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