i did it for the blondie

 flats: modcloth; jeans: jbrand; tee: panache

i keep feeling like i need to make excuses for simple outfits...
but i don't really get dressed for you guys (no offense [although the blog does help motivate]). i get dressed for me and for my little store and, most importantly, for my cute husband.

last night was so bizarre.
i desperately wanted a blondie. you know, those maple-y ice cream brownie desserts from applebees? i know, i can get pretty white trash sometimes. i hadn't had one since high school and it just sounded so good. so david agreed to drive me over to pick one up...and i had a major asthma attack in the car. embarrassing because i was supposed to grow out of my asthma like...15 years ago. so then he sped home, plotting what he would do if he got pulled over for running a red light or something, with me wheezing and gasping for breath in the front seat. luckily we made it with me only a little blue in the face...and i will now not be leaving the house without my inhalator in hand, even though i friggin' hate that things because it makes me all jittery and jumpy, most especially when combined with a blondie. moral of the story: maybe fate was trying to stop me from getting the earth's most fattening dessert, and i  dodged it and ate the dessert anyways and my consequence is narrowed lungs and then jittery hands and brain. that wasn't really a moral.


  1. meaganbriggs38/24/11, 9:08 AM

    Love that shirt!

  2. Hilary Biggart8/24/11, 10:39 AM

    i love your shirt & the pop of color with your teal shows - simple, but really cute!

    e&h adventure book

  3. Oh no, I'm glad your okay. You better keep that inhaler on hand, like it or not! I think your outfit is cute and I especially love your shoes. This post was great because anything that has to do with an Applebee's Blondie makes me happy :)

  4. love your simple outfits! They totally help me look at my closet and go 'hmm. I've got a shirt like that...paired with bright flats. I've got a brandilyn-worthy outfit! score!'


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