it's all for fashion

 flats: target; pants: old navy; blouse: panache; head scarf: vintage/hand-me-down from my grandmother
the most delightful old lady came into the store the other day.
she came in "to see if we had anything new on the clearance rack." i assured her that i put stuff on there regularly and left her to her browsing.
when she came up to the counter to be rung up, i complimented her on her glasses. her frames were huge! she laughed and said, "oh, it's all for fashion. i have lots of glasses! they must fit my mood." i told her that i hoped to one day have lots of awesome frames (like hers) but that my husband needed convincing because i already had "one perfectly good pair." she repeated, "it's all for fashion! trust me, dear, you'll build your collection." how cute! then, she asked if it was my husband who rang her up last time she came in. i said, "probably. was he tall, dark, and handsome?" her eyes widened and she replied, "oh, yes! a very handsome young man!" 
she was so sweet!

sometimes i get frustrated by the people that come through my store--the teenagers whose parents think panache is free baby-sitting and drop their kids off for 2 hours at a time, the people who ask ridiculous questions, the tanners who yell at me. i'm so grateful every time someone friendly and kind comes through my store and reminds me why i love my job so much. really, those fun people probably outnumber the bad 10 to 1...it's just so much easier to remember the bad experiences!

speaking of bad experiences...sometimes i make this expression...?
the things you learn about yourself when you take pictures every day.


  1. Great outfit! I love the idea of collecting sunglasses to fit your mood. I have a modest little collection so far. Next on my list is a dark, black glamorous pair. And thank goodness for the few who surprise us with kindness.

  2. Haha, I love that! I only have 1 pair because I prefer to wear contacts, but maybe I should start stocking up? I know Meredith of Yours, Mine and Ours gets hers pretty cheap online. Hmm...

    North Meets South

  3. Cool vibe you have there! Hope I can try on the headband look too, someday! It feels fo hip!

  4. cute outfit! And that lady sounds so sweet :) I love it when you get nice customers, they make having to deal with all the impatient ones worthwhile :)

  5. Sunglasses or eyeglasses? If eyeglasses, BUY THEM ONLINE! Seriously - all the info (except maybet he PD, which walmart will measure for you) is on the prescrip your doc will write down for you. I have like 15 pairs of glasses now, and I paid less than $20 for each pair. Prescription glasses - yes. Check out glassyeyes.blogspot.com for info (not my blog - though I have info on my blog, too!) I love having a different pair for each outfit, and if they break or get scratched, NBD. My fave pair, which I have in several colors, cost $8!


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