keeping the magic alive

 oxfords: target; skirt: modcloth; tee: ?; belt: f21
i want to move out of my apartment so bad!
the other night there was construction going on in the stairwell that shares a wall with our bedroom until 3 a.m. really? last night there was a loud, obnoxious photo shoot (i think it's a bunch of high school kids?) happening underneath my living room window. all of this is making buying a little house out in the country sound even better than it already did. it will be life like it is now, plus a washer, dryer, dishwasher, cats, and space, minus loud events in the ballroom (i will forever loathe zumba). sounds heavenly.

tonight i got off work and decided i wanted to make something semi-healthy, homemade, and delicious for dinner. i ended up making this sandwich recipe, which i found on pinterest. since david a.) can't have dairy, and b.) wasn't home, i made it...
 and took it to 5buck pizza for a date with my bff shpitty, who was working!
best best friend ever right here! plus eating fancy italian sandwiches all by your lonesome is sad and dates with a friend are awesome. it's awesome to keep the friendship magic alive, am i right?

p.s. thoughts on the new header? i change it a lot...i get bored easily...with pretty much everything except that husband of mine. he never gets boring.


  1. Cristen Fortier8/25/11, 12:47 PM

    lovin the new header. how do you make them?

  2. i use a very high-tech and complicated system, learned through years of intensive, focused schooling...
    JK, i use paint and picnik.com. i don't know how to use photoshop or indesign or anything fancy that all the cool bloggers use. i really love picnik.com, though! their upgraded version is reasonably priced and very user-friendly for people like me, who don't know crap about software.

    i'm glad you like it, though!! i'm pretty happy with it :)

  3. Your sandwich looks SO yummy! I have to wait for my hubby to come home for some supper and I'm SO bored and hungry!!!!

    I, being the crazy cat lady that I am, LOVE your new blog header! Yay Cats and Cardigans!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  4. aaw thanks mrs. biscuit!! isn't having someone to cook for the best?! :)

  5. I love the new header, looks great!

    North Meets South


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