saltwater sandals; cardi/pants: target; tank: panache; bow: handmade
this outfit lasted for oooh...2 hours yesterday.
and believe it or not, it had nothing to do with how see-through that tank is! (YIKES. had no idea until i saw these pictures. embarrassing.)
after 2 hours i decided i was uncomfortably hot and the pants were too tight. fat day.
actually, most frustrating day ever. do you get those? where nothing goes right and you just want to go back to bed? yesterday my freaking internet kept dying, unsupervised children ran rampant through my store all morning, and david was on a 3-hour conference call all morning so i couldn't blow dry my hair (1 bedroom apartment..too noisy!). so i had frizzy hair on my sweaty neck. also, i totally botched what was supposed to be a delicious and healthy homemade dinner. i burned the rice and it was disgusting. housewife fail.
BOO. i spent my evening crocheting granny squares (i'm making a quilt!), watching parks and rec on hulu, and snacking on random crap from around my house. kind of made up for it...except for now i sound like the lamest person alive! still be my friend? promise i'll be cooler tomorrow (maybe).


  1. For what it's worth, I like your outfit and I LOVE reading your blog everyday! Hope today is better!

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  3. Okay, so I just deleted my last comment...I can't spell don't ya know...I was just saying how your post made me feel normal as I thought I was the ONLY one who had days like this...You're a DOLL!

  4. yesterday was a lame day at our household too. We were all off our groove & every random little thing that could go wrong did. Must've been the seven-week break craving the little students back or something...

    doubt it though.

  5. I love that little yellow bow! Pretty, pretty.

  6. P.S. YOUR HAAAAAAAIR! It's so long Bran! I love it and I'm so jealous.

  7. Alexis Kaye8/18/11, 7:50 PM

    totally had one of those days today. It was the first day of school. Possible worst day of my life!



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