little ladies

 flats: modcloth; skirt: thrifted/altered; top: f21; cardi/bracelets: h&m
 i always want to say "edit" instead of "alter" when talking about clothing.
like whenever i'm thrifting (which is allll the time, you guys, i'm such a thrifting hipster [that was sarcasm]) i'll pick something up and say (usually to kate), "i could edit this." like this skirt. it hung low on my hips and went to my ankles but the print was too fantastic to ignore. so i edited it! maybe it's just been too long since i've edited something like a paper and my brain is scrambling. or maaaybe editing is a better word for altering.

anyways, i took these in front of the provo public library, where one of my good friends had her wedding reception. it was as gorgeous and awesome as it sounds. a library! who woulda thunk?!
i got to be reunited with these two ladies, who i spent every sunday during high school whispering through young women's lessons with! i feel pretty bad about that now that i've taught sunday school for a while, actually. karma is no fun sometimes. but how stunning is cassidy as a bride? and how incredibly chic is jordan? my goodness. i can't believe we're all grown up. it feels like just yesterday we were rolling our eyes while sitting through lessons on chastity. WELL, ladies, i'm grateful you were there! also grateful for young women's leaders who didn't smack us, because they probably would have been justified in doing so. we turned out all right though, didn't we? f'sho.

ok well, it's 10:00 on a tuesday and i'm in my underpants blogging on the couch.
it's probably time for me to remove myself from the virtual world and insert myself into the world of working grown-ups. but first into the world of the showered...


  1. I love the idea of a reception at a library - how fun!

  2. Maybe you say edited because your like me and blog a lot LOL! Either way, you know what you mean :)

  3. "Edit a skirt..." that is the funniest thing. I feel like I too would say such a thing if I got all word-scrambled. Oh goodness, I still remember my high school girl's Bible studies on saving sex for marriage! The funny thing was...I wasn't even in high school yet when I joined the group and a lot of the girls were juniors and seniors. Uhh...talk about being the baby in the group? haha


  4. I LOVE these photos!! And cute skirt!

  5. oh my weird, i totally said that to my friend today while i was on the phone, that i always want to say "edit" instead of "ater" clothes.

  6. Agreed. Our leaders would definitely be justified had they done so hahah
    Thank goodness we are grown and have Relief Society to hear all the things that might have slipped through our young ears =]
    Love you Brandilyn!


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