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saltwater sandals; buffalo exchange berkeley dress; sarah swapped cardigan
my legs are whitey-white!
...and i love it! i was just talking to david about how excited i was that i managed to go an entire summer without a sunburn. i burn so easily and it's the most hateful thing ever, to have a sunburn! so behold, the whiteness that comes with a fear of redness.

i wanted to talk about pinterest for a sec here...
I LOVE PINTEREST...but who doesn't? i keep seeing challenges around the www to "actually do!" things you pin, which always confuse me, because i use pinterest allll the time, especially now that i've graduated and have some time on my hands. i wanted to share a few of the pins i've used:
from top left to right, working my way down row by row:
1. cold peach pie! made this for my cute georgian husband.
2. sugar cookies - super simple recipe, best sugar cookies i've ever had. yum.
3. italian grilled cheese - made those a few days ago, also delicious.
4. crock pot chicken taco filling - we made this for sunday dinner this week and they're a new hayes fave.
5. this wreath is on my door, and it is yellow. i like it.
6. i'm making a quilt...i did a ton of granny square research and this is the easiest one to follow (for me)
7. homemade deoderant. i've stopped using aluminum-filled deodorants because i'm scared of breast cancer. i've found that the longer i go without using deodorant, the less i smell, and on really hot days, i use this stuff.
8. i've been saving bottle caps for months now!
9. sock bun. new fave hairstyle.
10. homemade beach wave spray...works like a miracle. i love it.
11. simple chignon! so much fancier than a ponytail, but just as easy. i did this for my sister's wedding and felt just as fancy as if i'd gotten my hair done.
12. bracelets. wasn't a huge fan of how mine turned out, but it was a fun little project.


anyways, let me know if you want an invite to pinterest! i'm more than happy to type your email into the little slot so you can join in on the fun. it's such a helpful tool, AND it makes it easy to credit the amazing brains behind these good ideas, which is so important to do. you can finds all the above projects linked on my pinterest. happy pinning!


  1. I'm down to give anything a try. Lnwillia at gmail dot com

  2. shoot! you've done so many! I've done probably two of my pins, ha!


  3. I do the stuff I pin too! Except like the live in a really amazing house stuff. But I swear I will someday.

  4. Hey! I would LOVE an invite!!! ehlert.sarah@yahoo.com
    Thanks for being amazing!

  5. you look very pretty!!kisses from prague and have a great day!

  6. p.s. make sure you tell me your pinterest name once you get started so i can follow you...and if you already have an account, i want to know that too!

  7. i would like an invite too! maddi.mckenna@gmail.com

  8. ps can you send me the recipe of those sugar cookies please? maddi.mckenna@gmail.com Thanks!!

  9. I like your dress/cardi look! Aqua and gray is a lovely color combination - I think I'll have to try it.

    I've been curious about pinerest for awhile, and your testimony makes me more so! I have a feeling mine will be all food...my email is celiawiser@gmail.com


  10. I absolutely love pinterest!! I'm now following you.

  11. love the colors of your dress! I'll have to look more into making homemade deodorant...


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