puppy dog eyes

oxfords: target; jeans: gap; top: thrifted; necklace: f21/gift from shpitty

i got this top at a thrift store..go me!
mostly i was just thrilled that it was only $4 and that the neckline will look awesome with cardigans in the autumn. for now, it's nice and breezy for summertime when layering is impossible. you better believe that hair only lasted an hour or two on my neck before it was up in a bun. 

today i ventured into idaho falls with kate and we stumbled upon the sweetest thing ever known to mankind. 
i was so close to taking her home with me! she would make the sweetest, cutest, snuggliest store pup EVER! i called, texted, and emailed david pleas and bargains and may have come close to begging. but he, my sensible husband, reminded me that we really should wait until we have a yard for the little one to play in. and he reminded me about my vow to only adopt rescue puppies and kittens. so i sadly laid the pup back down in the grass and walked away. 

i consoled myself with a pair of clearance pants from american eagle, (the 13 year old inside me felt SO COOL carrying an AE bag around), mexican food for lunch, a fun wedding gift for a friend, and conversation with the coolest lady ever. afternoon still a success.  oh, and i got my eyebrows threaded. and my upper lip (i know how ridiculous it is, because i have fine, blonde hair, but i'm still self conscious). and my eyes watered like a waterfall, or a baby, or niagara falls, or..you know. something that waters a lot. 

all in all, good afternoon.


  1. do you know what that puppy pic did to me??!! i just hugged my computer... omgsh!!!! also i freakin love that top! go you!!! i want to thrift shop! <3

  2. Uhm seriously this is my favorite top you own. Why must all great things be one of a kind vintage??

  3. what is threading your eyebrows?! And that pup is incredibly adorable :) love

  4. Hey! My mom and I just got our eyebrows threaded as well! Don't you love it? Threading makes them so clean and perfectly shaped.

    Also, that puppy is adorable. I asked Bryce if we could have him and he said, "Anything for the woman I love." So, you can just come over and play with ours. :)


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