oxfords/cardi: target; top/jeans: panache
thank you for your sweet comments on yesterday's post!
we had the most wonderful anniversary. since we're saving for a house, we laid low and decided to do a dinner at olive garden (romance doubled by the shrieking child a few seats over, haha!) and a movie in bed at home. it was so cozy and so much fun.  we felt like honeymooners again, drinking martinelli's in bed! i ended up wearing this out to dinner, after maybe five outfit changes. i wore something else yesterday during the day, so i suppose i'll post that tomorrow. my mother tells me i changed clothes constantly as a little girl, a habit i seem to have carried over into adulthood. i will seriously sometimes wear four or five different outfits in any given day.

i celebrated our anniversary by getting a summertime quilt to put on our bed!
our huge, heavy, thick comforter is amazing during those frigid rexburg winters but is just too much during the summertime.  rexburg's limited shopping resources coupled with my limited budget led me to kmart...but they totally delivered! how cute is our new quilt?! we're happy with it and feel like we got a total bedroom makeover.
(blergh-awful picture. i've yet to figure out indoor settings for my camera)


  1. Hi! I just found your blog from your guest post at A Day In The Life. Your blog is adorable, but I just want to know how you made that dress into a skirt! Did you use a normal white shirt and pin it up or is it a crop top? That is such a great trick!!


  2. SO glad you both enjoyed your anniversary- good for you for laying low with a house in mind for the future:-) Love the outfit and new quilt- super cute!

  3. You look super fine in that outfit. I assume your husband informed you of that also.

  4. Glad you all had a great Anniversary. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best. Drinks in bed sound amazing to me. Love your outfit, especially that polka dot top. Too cute :)

  5. Love your skirt! I totally agree on the "I don't know." We get asked that all the time! I graduated in Dec. 2007 and my husband in Dec. 2009 and we're in Sugar, right next to Rexburg, but we're out of Rexburg at least right =D. With the economy right now, it's so hard too. Good luck with everything! This waiting game after college can be tough.

  6. So I totally put the wrong comment with the wrong post. I had two posts I wanted to comment on! Oops!

    Anyway I love this outfit! We too have bought a quilted thin blanket from K-mart before. My husband thinks it's warmer than our fleece one though so he uses it all the time.


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