self-photography and a GNI

 heels: target; dress turned into a skirt: old navy; tee/belt: panache; scarf: vintage - my grandmother's
i had to take my own pictures one day this week...
...cue indoor pictures and a self-timer! also close cropping so you don't see how messy my apartment is.
i decided right before i put this tee shirt on to cut the sleeves off. and then cut a slit in the neckline because i felt like it. my habit of chopping up clothing drove my mother bananas when i lived at home. sorry, mom, i'm still doing it!

anyways, david had to travel to colorado for business one night this week. i was terribly lonesome, but filled my time by painting my nails like this cute lady, renting 3 chick flicks (yes, only one night), making a hair bow (so mormon!), and snacking on chips and onion dip. a GNI! that's a girl's night in. 'twas not an evening wasted, although i missed that roommate of mine something fierce.
i got to drive to salt lake to pick david up at the airport on wednesday, spend the night there, go to a good friend's wedding reception, and do an afternoon session at this stunning temple:
very exciting! i'll have details and pictures about our little trip soon. :)


  1. did you take that photo? It's absolutely breathtaking! I mean, to the point where I'd want it on my wall

    With love, Alexis

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    A great weekend.

  3. Nothing like a good GNI. I think I'm due for one of those! I love this shirt paired with your striped skirt, and the fun touch of the scarf in your hair!

  4. I really like the shirt - good job cutting it


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